ANTS is an experimental showcase created for festival TAKE THE STAGE in 2016, and chosen to perform at subUrban Dance Festival in 2017.  It is a show with a glipmse into ants society. 

Choreographer: Anastasija Olescuka
Lenght: 8 minutes
Elias Fernando Said Saleh
Naomi Matzeu Malchau
Olivia Brix Weincke
Emilia Silverstone
Miran Ugljen
Thea Thomsen
Light design: Peter Løkke

ANTS showcase explored such parts of ants’ lifes as:

Family - antshill
Rain, escape, search for new home
Tandem run
Lost/lonely ant
New home

Touches topics of social responsibility, loyalty, importance of
working together, collective intelligence and super organism,
where each member despite its differences is as important
as everyone else. 

“1 + 1 = 3”, we do it better together.

Foto: Henning Sjøstrøm Picture: Bahadir Berber

The idea raised from memories of long walks in Latvian forests in childhood, stories of how strong, hardworking, and important for ecosystem these insects are. Also, inspiring documentaries of ants by David Attenborough on National Geographic Channel made me feel like ants have something that we might miss in our modern society. When “me” overweights “us”. Ants society is a beautiful example of actions that are done on the basis of need to sustain life in it’s purest form and potential. Reciprocity, giving back is as much important as receiving.

 Foto: Henning Sjøstrøm Picture: Henning Sjøstrøm