ANTS 1+1=3 
Horsens Theater Festival 2022
18th September  11.00 & 14.00

Address: Fængslet, Vestsalen, Store sal
Fussingsvej 8, 8700 Horsens 

The struggle for survival, community, strength and unity in a society on the brink of disaster. The ant is a worker, engineer, warrior and lover. It both cultivates nature, maintains biological order and is willing to die for the community. A superorganism and an organized society that makes the Scandinavian welfare state look like pure anarchy. The story of the life of the ants is the story of the very large themes in small sizes. On stage, five dancers with backgrounds in streetdance, clubdance, voguing, martial arts & contemporary that put body and movement on the world of ants. ANTS 1 + 1 = 3 was created in close dialogue with ant expert and senior researcher Hans Joachim Offenberg from the Department of Bioscience at Aarhus University, who, among other things, is the author of the book "ants".

Choreographer: Anastasija Olescuka
Dancers: Franklyn "Slunch" Sarkodie , Ida "Inxi" Holmlund, Miran Ugljen, Naomi Malchau and Anastasija Olescuka
Scientific consultant: Seniorresearcher Hans Joachim Offenberg
Music: Lawand Shakur Othman
Dramaturg: Betina Rex
Choreographic consultant: Steen Koerner
Light design: Peter Bodholdt Løkke, Imre Mark Petkov
Costumes: Julie Hendel Astrup
PR & Production: Prfrm – produktion & formidling af scenekunst
Trailer: Sara Jordan

Thanks to Statens Kunstfond, Augustinus Fonden, William Demant Fonden, Knud Højgaard Fonden, Aage og Johanne Louis-Hansens fond, Toyota Fonden

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