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Born and raised in Riga, Latvia. Currently living in Copenhagen, Denmark.

As an artist, I navigate the realms of dance and choreography, weaving practices that harmonize the contrasting energies of nature and robotics, as well as challenges these energies come with. Experience gained through a degree in Sociology, leads me to delve into diverse topics, deconstructing their essence through interdisciplinary lenses. Drawing on my background in Slavic and Baltic folk dances, alongside the street dance culture, it’s socio- political aspects and importance of context, my artistry becomes my education. Being a member of street dance community involved me in a lifelong study where I learnt by doing, travelled to almost all countries in Europe, USA, Brazil for knowledge, techniques of styles, history, sessions, building bridges with different communities and engaged in battle culture. I work as a dancer & self-producing choreographer with focus on human-nature relationship. My commitment extends beyond personal expression, embracing community and artistic collaborations. 

Autodidact 2009 - now (seminars, workshops, exchanges, travel, battles, courses)
Hotsteppers 1 - year Hiphop and Street dance education (DK) 2011 - 2012 

Soulmatic Courses 2021, 2022
Bamboohuman Floorwork and Mobility Course 3 months with Thais Hvid and Ida Haugen (DK) 2017
Masterprogram with Steen Koerner, Dansehallerne (DK) 2016 
Folk Dance Collective "Ivushka" (national dance and slavic dance traditions, ballet technique) 1997 / 2006 (LV)


2008 - 2011 University of Latvia, Faculty of Social Sciences, bachelor in sociology (LV) 
2010 - 2011  Copenhagen University, Faculty of Social Sciences, ERASMUS exchange, Sociology and Anthropology class (DK)

2023    Laboratory on Mould, Choreography & Unlearning. Research stage 1. DK
2022    Mykes: Creative Laboratorium. D10 Festival Dansekapellet.
2022    Part Time Robot. New Sh*t vol.4. Dansehallerne. Edison Theatre, DK
2021    ANTS 1+1=3 collaboration with Hans Joachim Offenberg, Dansekapellet, DK

2019    Speed of Light strutting Showcase, Take the stage (DK) collaboration with Diana Wehbi
2018    Playground Theatre, collaboration with Royal Opera, Royal Opera Playhouse (DK) 
2017    Metamorphosis Solo Performance, Take The Stage Festival at Dansekapellet (DK)
2017    Residency in Lyon in frames of Festival Karavel, production PLAYGROUND (FR)
2017    “ANTS” performance at “Suburban Stories” SubUrban Festival (DK)
2017    “ANTS” performance at Take The Stage Festival (DK) 
2016    “360 All Around” assistant choreographer for Junious Brickhouse at Howard University in                 Washington D.C (USA) 
2016    “Weave in Weave outLadies of Hip Hop Showcase co-choreographer with Grounded View, Alvin Ailey Theatre, New York (USA)
2015    "UNPACKED I" theatre, co-choreographer, Copenhagen Dance Space (DK)
2013    "Lights Out" perfromance collaboration with Rasmus Bjjorkvad at Danish National School of Performing Arts (DK)
2013 - 2023 Hotstepper Dance Education Graduation Show & Stepz (DK)


2023    Cullberg, While in Battle I’m Free, Never Free To Rest by Hooman Sharifi (SE)
2023    Karios Residency, Choreographer Viktor Fröjd (SE) 
2022    BabyBlood at DetourDance Festival, choreographer Sara Jordan (DK)
2022    BabyBlood Mirror Show, H15  (DK)
2022    Lucy Love Tour (DK)
2019    Speed of Light at Dansixperimetarium, Faroe lsands
2019    Symbiosis, Detour Urban Dance Festival Denmark & Brazil, by Sara Jordan (DK, BR)
2019    3RD by Sara Jordan, Freestyle Phanatix, Zeppelin Teater, Teater Momentum (DK)
2018    Zulu Comedy Gala 2018, åbningsnummer med Mike Ogendåhl, koreograf Christel Stjernebjerg, København (DK)
2018    Filmore District Festival, strutting performance with PopTart, San Francisco (USA)
2018    Book Of Styles, CLASHcph Strutting performance, Washington D.C. (USA)
2017    Metamorphosis solo performance at Take The Stage at Dansekapellet (DK)
2016 - 2019    Bust Da Breakz with company Freestyle Phanatix (SWE, DK)
2016    Kari Traa Commercial “Celebrate Yourself” Choreographer Toniah Pedersen (Denmark/Romania)
2016    Gadens Hårdeste Hævn, production of Big City Brains /Steen Koerner Studio(DK)
2016    Nutcracker, production of Steen Koerner Studio, Docken (DK)
2015    The Last Show, production of Robot Boys, Aveny - T (DK)
2016    JANITSHAR & HIP HOP performance with musician Janitshar Benita Haastrup (DK)
2016    Weave in Weave out at Ladies of Hip Hop Showcase festival with Grounded View at Alvin Ailey Theatre (USA)
2013    "Lights Out" perfromance at Danish National School of Performing Arts (DK)
1997 - 2006    Concerts with Folk Dance Ensemble "Ivushka", Latvia, Russia, Poland, France, Belgium, Slovakia, Belarusia


    • Women’s Day 3vs3 Female Battle 2021 Winner, Game Copenhagen (DK)
    • Nominated for most inspiring female dancer 2017, Detour Urban Dance Festival (DK)
    • Nominated for one of best Street Choreographers 2018, Detour Urban Dance Festival (DK)
    • On and On Hip Hop Battle, final (Washington D.C., USA) 2018
    • Hyper Week, Battle vs gods, Semifinal (Italy)
    • Hip Hop Games World Finals 2017 (France) 2nd place
    • Hip Hop Games Denmark Qualifier 2016, 2017 (Denmark) M.V.P. in prop challenge
    • Urban Dance Meeting 2013 Hip Hop 1vs1 (Poland) winner
    • SDK Baltic Qualifier 2012 Battles Female hip hop (Latvia) winner
    • Russian Stars Crew Battles 2010, I.C.U. crew (Russia) 2nd place
    • Streetstar Dance Festival 2009 (Sweden) top 8
    • In the beat Circle hip hop 2vs2  2009 (Lithuania) winner
    • “Evolution” Crew Battles in Minsk 2009 (Belorussia) 2nd place


Hamburg Dance Academy (DE)
The Nordic House of Faroe Islands (FO) 
Hotstepper 1 year Hip Hop & Urban Dance Education (DK)

Århus Dance Education (DK)
Stepz 1 year Dance Education (DK)
AFUK, performance class education (DK)
Økologiskproduktionskole, Dance Line (DK)
Culture College of Latvia, professional bachelor dance line (LV)
Umea Baletakademi (Urban North Festival), workshops (SWE)
Dansekapellet, Dans i Nordvest (DK)
Dansegulvet, Slagelse,  workshops (DK)
Skåne Workshop tour 2017, Juste Debout Nordic (DK)
Urban Dance at Moderna Museet Malmø 2018, workshops (SWE)
Gerlev Performance Team (DK)
Oure Sport & Performance School (DK)
CasaDeMarela, Rio De Janeiro (BR)
Center of Choreography, Rio De Janeiro (BR)
Danseforløb med Dansekapellet - Rødovre, Tingbjerg, Bronshøj, Husum (DK)

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