ANTS 1+1=3 in Faroe Islands 

Thanks to Listaleypirin & The Nordic House in the Faroe Islands, as well as Danish Arts Foundation & Nordic Culture Point Mobility Funding for bringing ANTS 1+1=3  to Faroe Islands. The ANTS team got to meet audiences of different ages with approx. 1000 people engaged. Performance brought curiosity, excitement and inspiration to the young and adults, as we received very good feedback from local communities. Feedback highlighted intriguing intersections between nature and human discourse, sparking curiosity about the collaboration with the scientists Hans Joachim Offenberg. Other comments praised the endurance, captivating skills and movements of the dancers in the performance. Workshops brought teamwork, creative thinking and a spark of imagination in those who participated. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the beautiful collaborations and for being such a fantastic audience. 

ANTS TEAM: Anastasija Olescuka, Ida Inxi Holmlund, Emina Mustagrudic, Franklyn Kakyire, Thea Thomsen & Amina Krohn.