strutting showcase


“Hello, how can we help you?
Digital world.
Put your hands on the screen, push the button and make things move faster than the light.
Measure your importance and the significance of your life in the clicks of other peoples digital devices
0 1 0 1 0 1
You have dialed the wrong number...”

Dancers and choreographers:
Anastasija OIescuka
Diana Wehbi
Costumes: Esther Chipo
Lights: Peter Løkke
Music mix: Kayreem Sylvest
Pictures: Simone Ballan

Different needs can be satisfied just with a click, using an app, in speed of light. Have you realised how much a thump is in control ? But we leave it up to audience to decide if it is a good or bad thing, however, we call everyone out, to reflect. Social media and chatboxes, in retro-futuristic universe, sci-fi inspired, we play with boundaries of what is mechanic and organic, human and robotic.

In SPEED OF LIGHT Diana and Anastasija work with STRUTTING - traditional dance from San Fransisco/Oakland, USA. We are continuing legacy of our mentors Pop Tart (Demons of the Mind, PT-3000 - legendary strutting teams from San Francisco), Ryan Webb & Rashaad Hasani (Urban Artistry, USA) and in our show we stick to traditional techniques and formulas of a strutting show, also including some other techniques of Boogaloo, Stepping, Waveing and Roboting.

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