Anastasija Olescuka judge Solo Christmas Jam, Copenhagen 2019
XMAS JAM at KU:BE in December the 6th 2019.
Judging the battle alongside Steen Koerner (DK) and Tonio (FR). 
In my Judge solo I used a song by Mujo - Reincarnation. I focused on floating, minimalistic yet controlling way of moving and conecting with music. 

 Ama Lou - DDD Anastasija Olescuka ART Film by Sara Jordan 
Invading beautiful landscapes of Amager in Summer 2018. 
Videographer and artistic director: Sara Jordan
Music: Ama Lou - DDD

 Battle for Culture, Copenhagen 2019
        My preselection solo from Battle For Culture event in Copenhagen.                     Organised by Dance with Reason. 

A solo on a rooftop in Meatpacking district, Copenhagen.
Getting down toTo Eric Lau song “How Far”. 
Filmed by Ronnie Boykins. November, 2018. 

 Saharan Beauty Ball by Samara at Absalon
 Kiki Ball in Denmark, when Samara Louboutin & The House of Louboutin visit Absalon, March 23rd. Vogue Femme Category. 

  About the ball: We pay tribute to Egyptian aesthetics and the mystics of the Saharan desert. We create a runway in Absalon’s main hall, where the contestants will walk in the 10 different categories 
The ballroom culture celebrates love, creativity, queerness, and individuality.
A ball is a place of tolerance and mutual respect. A place where everybody is welcome regardless of gender, sexuality, race, and ethnicity. A place where we celebrate each other and honor those who have paved the way for the culture.

Hyper week BATTLE VS Hip Hop preliminary round &
Dansekapellet Open day solo in popping 

Hyper Week is an intensive annual week of dance, workshops and competitions with local and international guests from all around the world. Location:  Italy, Sicily. 

Timeless streets of Catania and Siesta

Couldn’t leave this beautiful island- Sicily- without shooting a solo dance in one of its warm, narrow, ancient streets. 



Solo Piece

Dancer and Choreographer:
Anastasija Olescuka

Performed at Take The Stage 2017, Copenhagen, Denmark.

"...if we could see inside we would witness one of the most extraordinary  changes in the animal kingdom: Metamorphosis”, Sir David Attenborough.
“Human metamorphosis is the transmutation of the physical body into a body of light, done by our higher-self. By transforming ourselves we become a creator.” - Betsy Franco
A butterfly goes through a full metamorphosis process. From the very beginning, its life gives birth from one transformation to another; from an egg to larva (caterpillar), from larva to chrysalis, to eventually spread the wings and fly towards the sun like a butterfly.
What does it take for butterfly, such a beautiful creature, to really become a butterfly? A butterfly has to complete 3 different full phases to finally be able to fly and looking at the process from philosophical prism we could draw parallels with phases of a transformation in human life, specifically metamorphosis as self-empowerment. When life throws you in a maze of adventures with downs and ups, we humans tend to stop believing in ourselves and in our dreams, and get into the deepest depression. We then often have to go through a transformation phase by starting from
scratch, recollecting all pieces of our previous identity and putting those pieces together again in a new way: into a stronger, more beautiful and more confident version of ourselves. We are probably at our worst at some point during our adolescence. However, when we find ourselves we are pretty amazing like the butterfly. From a little vulnerable egg turning into a delicate, winged creature.

Symbiosis by Sara Jordan TRAILER

Choreography by Sara Jordan. Performed at Detour 2018 in Copenhagen, Denmark and at Detour 2019 in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

 TBA at DENMARK DANSER 2018, extract from Symbiosis by Sara Jordan

Ama Lou - DDD Anastasija Olescuka Art Film by Sara Jordan 

 Fokuz Company, by Michel Sian & Rainer Devalle
Performance from Copenhagen Choreographers Competition, when Michel and Rai gathered 14 dancers with very versatile background and choreographed this show in 2014. 

Danni Toma - Du Minder Mig Om Himlen (Official Video)

Lucy Love 2019

Dancing in Lucy Love music video “SumWair”. Lucy Love is Copenhagen based artist. Her music is a mix of influences from Alternative / Dub / Electro & Grime.

Kari Traa - Celebrate Yourself 2017